We want a lot for you! We want you above all to be completely healthy on all levels so you can be joyful, celebrate your success, enjoy your family and friends. We like you to sense that all your inner body systems and resources support you to have a healthy life that inspires yourself and others. We offer both, off- and online health programs to live in 4-Dimensional Health (4-DH)® (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and be 4-dimensionally balanced, healthy and fit for the challenges in our life and the everyday. Our Experiential-Educational Programs support a simple - clear - effective way of how to create an inner, aligned support structure that manifests effortlessly the right actions, thoughts and virtuous feelings serving to live on purpose and in top 4-Dimensional Health.

If you like to live in a conscious 4-Dimensional Health (4-DH)® Flow, intend to live by your health genius, be 4-Dimensionally balanced, healthy-fit, regenerated and are up to enjoy a healthy long life, maybe even tasting feelings of immortality while you are alive; then we love to serve you as your
4-DIMENSIONAL HEALTH (4-DH)® COACH COMPANY. 4-Dimensional Health questions help you to see if we are able to serve you on the path to a higher state of health and to coach you in finding deep balance in your physical-mental-emotional-spiritual life.


01 Do you have a sense that you could possibly be a little bit more, energetic, alive, stimulated,
vigorous, inspired to express a little bit more of your energy potential than you have today?
02 Do you feel sensitivity for noticing external as well as internal energies in your body?
03 Do you breath freely, sleep deeply and enjoy nourishing yourself with healthy foods?
04 Do you experience feelings of stress, out of balance for longer periods of time?
05 Do you wonder often how you could be more relaxed, regenerated, fresh?
06 Do you enjoy great cloth, beautiful home and economic well-being?
07 Do you like physical touching and being touched?


01 Do you experience a calm, focused and concentrated mental state in your everyday life?
02 Do you have thoughts that are in alignment with the kind of health you like to have?
03 Do you experience the creating and dissolving power of your mental consciousness?
04 Do you consciously cultivate virtues such as truth, honesty, integrity, and humility?
05 Do you keep current in your field, grow and develop further by learning more?
06 Do you have the capacity to let go and free yourself of thoughts in the now?
07 Do you have the centeredness to focus your energy in the desired direction?


01 Do you respect your emotional intelligence in order to be able to understand the information?
colours, images and messages as a wonderful feedback and opportunity towards change?
02 Do you enjoy to love and be loved as well as to cultivate rich satisfying relationships?
03 Do you have the capacity to transform negative energy back to neutral energy?
04 Do you experience enough motivational fuel to reach for what you want?
05 Do you consciously nurture your positive feelings to feed your health?
06 Do you have instinctive, helpful impulses in unexpected situations?
07 Do you trust your intuition and the conscience of your heart?


01 Do you see the beauty, love, potential as well as the true essential nature of people around you?
02 Do you sense an inner readiness to be up to any challenge at anytime and to contribute?
03 Do you appreciate cultivating your own essence and being in essence with others?
04 Do you have a sense of the uniqueness, meaning and purpose in your life?
05 Do you experience being unconditionally loving, happy and free?
06 Do you have access to your timeless, immortal nature?
07 Do you enjoy being in 4-Dimensional Health?

If only ONE of those questions stimulates ore resonates with you we guarantee that SHS will be of great benefit to you. We have the know-how, the experience and the readiness to support you during our courses and trainings to become the most 4-Dimensionaly Balanced, Healthy and Fit Human Being possible.

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